Testimonial - B-FIT

Jun 10, 2020


Sandra Gallia

Testimonial - B-FIT

Hey ladies, so basically that's all you need!

Okay, clothes are optional! :) I won't waste your time, here is my message:

My name is Sandra and I have used several different apps to measure my fitness progress (sleep app, step counter, calorie tracker). And during each outdoor activity, I had to have a pocket or carry a backpack to store the phone. Ps - If you are a fan of trendy fitness clothes like me, then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! J (NO POCKETS).

So this cutie named B-FIT reconciled me with my favorite outfits !!!

I love the color, the design, but above all, no more "pockets" problem. I found everything I needed in this little device - a step counter, sleep tracker and calorie tracker, and lots of other features I thought I didn't need, but realized that I do - like, for example - a heart rate tracking feature!

And so easy to use, whether you are a beginner or already in shape, this smart watch will save you a lot of time. B-Fit will give you the motivation to test your limits and yet, keep you safe and healthy. 


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