Privacy policy

We are convinced that transparency and security are the foundations of any good relationship on the internet. At NeSs (SWISSNESS Horlogère-Uldry), as a Swiss company established in Switzerland, our company data is a priority.

All of our corporate data, including that of our customers, is hosted by Swiss partners on servers in Switzerland. It is very important for us to provide this quality for your personal data. As such, we thank you for placing your trust in us by providing us with information that is important to you, and we want to be transparent about how we use it.

Here we describe the privacy practices for our devices and apps. You will learn what data we collect, how we use it, the control we give you over your information, and the steps we take to keep it secure.



Certain information is necessary to create an account on our sales site, such as your name, your e-mail address, your password, and your mobile phone number for tracking shipments with our logistics partner. This is the only information you need to provide to create an account with us. You can also choose to provide other types of information, such as a profile picture, biography, your country and your community username.

If you contact us or participate in a survey, contest or promotion, we collect the information you submit to us such as your name, contact details and message.



If you purchase a NeSs product from our website, you provide your payment information, i.e. name, credit or debit card number, card expiration date, code CVV, and the billing address. We do not keep this payment information. We keep your delivery address to fulfill your order. Please note that third party payment organizations may retain this information in accordance with their own privacy policies and terms.



Our applications are created, developed and maintained by reliable partners. To this end, we leave it to you to consult their own confidentiality policy. Below, please find the privacy policies of the applications used according to our NeSs models:




Da Fit - Privacy Policy: (Models " Vibe ")

Our privacy policy includes the following aspects:

what information do we collect. how do we collect and use information. how do you choose to provide this information and how to access and update this information. information sharing, security and privacy policy scope and revision. The information we collect

We collect your two kinds of information: personal information (associated with a specific natural person, the ability to combine data with other information to identify the specific natural person) and non personal information (other than personal information). Such information will be treated as personal information if we associate the non personal information with the personal information by means of technology and merge with each other during the period when the information is maintained.

How do we collect and use information

Collection and use of personal information

When you use this product for interaction, you may be asked if you agree to provide certain personal information necessary to use our basic product service. This personal information may be combined with other information to be used to improve our products or services.

Below are some of the types of personal information that may be collected and how we use the information.

Collection of personal information

when you open the application, we need you to provide birthday, height, weight, gender information. when you synchronize Bracelet data, your activity, sleep and heart rate data will be transmitted and saved to the server. when you synchronize the weight scale data, your weight data will be transmitted and saved to the server. when you use Apple's health, we collect your motion data. when you use the call reminder function, you will get your phone call state, but will not get your contacts and other related information. Use of personal information

will strictly abide by the privacy policy and the contents of the update to use your personal information. Your personal information will only be used at the time of collection, which has been established and approved for any other purpose, and we will ask for your consent in advance. we collect personal information may be used to provide products and services to you, your order or performance of the contract between you and, in order to ensure the validation function and safety, our products and services to your identity, to prevent and investigate fraud or other improper use. we collect personal information will be used to provide information content and services, such as: to you to show you your own information, sleep information, weight information, information, equipment information, heart rate power intelligent alarm information, user information, calls to remind the target information, skipping and sit up information. the personal information we collect may be used for the development of our products and services, although, in general, we use only comprehensive and statistical information for this purpose. the personal information we collect may be used to communicate with you, for example, the product or service update, the first time the release of notice to you. we have collected personal information may be used to design personalized products, and to provide you with more personal services, such as advertising, display content and recommended in our service designed for you to create or for research. The hardware identification code and the location information of your L bracelet or scales (the geographic location information is mainly used to provide you with suitable for local service) can be used to activate your warranty service and specific software licenses, and may invite you to participate in the investigation. We will also use this information to improve our products and analyze the efficiency of our business operations. But we will not use this information to track your location.

Collection and use of personal information

At the same time, in order to operate and improve technology and services, you may collect your personal information, which will help you to provide a better user experience and improve the quality of service.

The following are some of the personal information we may collect and how we use it.

Collection of personal information

location information - when you use location-based services or features, we may collect your location information. For example: when you use the running function record running trace information and position search, use location based advertising, the use of position information or weather map for function optimization based on your location information may be sent to the server, in order to provide the right to you. device information when you first use and activate the bracelet hardware or scales of hardware, the hardware only identification code, firmware version and location information about (non personal information) will be sent to the server. The collection of the above information may also be applicable to update your system or software, restore factory settings, etc .. debug log information - when you choose to upload the debug log to help us analyze the problem, your application debug log file will be sent to the server. Use of non personal information we use your location information provided in the running function to draw your location track information, and stop the location information when you end up using it. We save the location information to the server so that you can view your location information on multiple devices. How users selectively provide information

Each person has a particular focus on privacy, and based on this, we will clearly point out how we collect information so that you can choose the way to receive information.



H Band - Privacy Policy: (Models “B-Fit")

 Please read these terms carefully before using the company's products:

  1. The ownership of the products and services of the company is owned by the company. If users use this service or complete the registration process, it means that the users accept all these service terms.
  2. Users should provide real personal information. If the personal information is not accurate Provided, the company will not responsible for the inaccuracy Analyzed data based on the Inaccurate information.

3, if the user writes data to HealthKit applications allowing H Band, H Band will end device data synchronization in App, the number of steps, calories, distance and sleep synchronization to HealthKit, H Band will not get any personal data apple health applications.

  1. Responsibility of exemption

The contents of the company's products are for reference only, and the company reserve the right to change the contents of the products.

The company does not undertake the direct or indirect damage caused by the content of the company's products. Please consult your doctor if you have any physical discomfort. The contents of the company's products are only used as a general reference. It may not be appropriate for a particular user, especially for

(1) People with a history of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, asthma, and other circulatory and respiratory diseases.

(2) The company assumes no liability to improper intake of food, weight loss or weight gain, fainting, malnutrition or other consequences caused by consumption of calories after wearing the bracelet of the company.

(3) ALTHOUGH sports wristband can monitor heart rate, sleep quality, exercise capacity and so on, it can not be used for Any medical use. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise and diet plan.

  1. Privacy terms

We promise to protect the privacy of visitors and users. The following privacy terms are outlined about our processing of the information, and how to use the information, just in order to provide better service for you:

(1) Why do we collect and process your personal information

We collect your personal information and physiological parameters to monitor the changes of your physiological parameters, and to inform you and the person you want to share about the change in time.

(2) Ownership and usage right of data

All physiological parameter data and the related information detected by the product belong to the company. These data will be stored in the company's database. The company has the obligation to properly keep all user data. However, the company has no responsibility for the data loss and disclosure due to abnormal factors (eg, hacker attacks, natural disasters, etc.) or user's personal reasons. The company has the right to use, analyze and process all the relevant data of the user. Without authorized by the company, the user has no right to use the original data of all physiological parameters detected by the product as a commercial use. Otherwise, the company will be held responsible for the legal responsibility of the relevant personnel.

(3) Your rights

When you register as a user, the company will collect your mobile phone number and some personal information, you can synchronize access to your personal account information and also can be provided all App services information.



FlagFit 2.0 - Privacy Policy: (Models " MoOd ")

 We appreciate your interest in Flagfit. The protection of your privacy is a particularly high priority for our business. For that reason we have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that we as well as our partners and external service providers observe the rules of data protection. Nevertheless, we draw your attention to the fact that the transmission of data on the internet may involve security holes and cannot be fully protected from access by third parties. We treat your personal data as confidential and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the country-specific data protection regulations applicable to our company.

  • 1 General Information

The following privacy policy is particularly intended to inform you about the type, scope, purpose, and duration of as well as the legal basis for the processing of personal data when using our website. Personal data is all data that is personally available concerning you, eg name, address, e-mail addresses and user behavior. Personal data will only be processed by us to the extent necessary and with the purpose of providing a functional and user-friendly website including its contents and the services offered there.

  • 2 Personal data we collect
  • the type and version of your browser,
  • the operating system,
  • the previous that linked to our website (referrer URL),
  • the webpages visited on our site,
  • the date and time of your visit,
  • as well as your IP address.

We do not use this data to draw any conclusions about you. This information is needed in order to deliver the content of our website correctly, optimize the content and advertisement of our website, ensure the long-term viability of our information technology systems and website technology, and provide law enforcement authorities with the information necessary for criminal ppinkcution in case of a cyber attack. The anonymous data of the server log files are stored separately from all personal data provided by you.

Our website uses transient cookies and persistent. Transient cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Transient cookies include session cookies. These store a so-called session ID, with various qui requests from your browser can be assigned to the common session. This will allow your computer to be recognized when you return to our website. The session cookies are deleted when you log out or close the browser. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period, which may differ depending on the cookie. You can also delete cookies in the security settings of your browser at any time. In addition, you can configure your browser setting according to your wishes and decline the acceptance of third-party cookies or all cookies. We point out, that as a result, you may not be able to use all features of our website.

If necessary, our website may also use cookies from companies with whom we cooperate for the purpose of advertising, analyzing or improving the features of our website.

Additionally, when you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through our site, we collect certain information from you, including your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (including credit card numbers, email address, and phone number. refer to this information as “Order Information”.

When we talk about "Personal Information" in this Privacy Policy, we are talking about Device Information and Order Information.

  • 3 How we use your personal information

We use the Order Information that we collect generally to fulfill any orders placed through our site (including processing your payment information, arranging for shipping, and providing you with invoices and / or order confirmations). Additionally, we use this Order Information to:

Communicate with you; Screen our orders for potential risk or fraud; and When in line with the preferences you have shared with us, provide you with information or advertising relating to our products or services.

We use the Device Information that we collect to help us screen for potential risk and fraud (in particular, your IP address), and more generally to improve and optimize our site (for example, by generating analytics about how our customers browse and interact, and to assess the success of our marketing and advertising campaigns).

  • 4 Sharing your personal information

We share your Personal Information with our Personal Information, as described above.

(1) Shopify

We use Shopify to power our online store - you can read more about how Shopify uses your Personal Information here:

(2) Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to help us understand how our customers use our site - you can read more about how Google uses your Personal Information here: You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here:

(3) Mailchimp

We also use MailChimp to send our newsletter to our subscribers - you can read more about how MailChimp uses your Personal Information here:

Finally, we may also submit your personal information to the law enforcement of the law.

  • 5 Behavioral Advertising

As described above, we use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications we believe may be of interest to you. For more information about how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative's (“NAI”) educational page at You can opt out of targeted advertising by using the links below:

  • Facebook:
  • Google:
  • Bing:

Additionally, you may opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance's opt-out portal at:

  • 6 Changes

We may update this privacy policy, for example, changes to our practices or other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.

  • 7 Contact Us

For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e mail at



Fundo Pro - Privacy Policy: (Models “S-Fit")

We take our users' privacy and personal information protection very seriously. We may collect and use information about you when you use our products and / or services.We want to explain to you through the Privacy Policy ("This Policy") how we collect, use, and store such information when you use our products and / or services.

We expect you to read and confirm that you fully understand what is stated in this policy before using our products and / or services.

When we use your personal information for other purposes not set forth in this policy, or when information collected for a specific purpose is used for other purposes, your consent will be sought in advance by your unsolicited check.

Please note that all personal information you provide when you use our products and / or services will continue to authorize us to use them for the duration of your use of our products and / or services, unless you delete or refuse to collect them from us through system settings. When you log out of your account, we will stop using and delete your personal information.  

1.The range of personal information that you authorize us to collect:

Personal information refers to information that can be recorded electronically or otherwise, individually or in combination with other information, to identify a particular natural person or to reflect the activities of a particular natural person.

The personal information covered in this policy includes: basic information (including personal name, birthday, gender, address, personal phone number, email address); Email address and password, password, password protection answers related to the foregoing; personal property information (transaction and consumption records, as well as virtual property information such as balances, coupons, etc.); contacts; personal device information; personal location information (including itinerary information, accurate location information, accommodation information, latitude and longitude, etc.);Personal health information (activity energy, sleep analysis, physical training, heart rate, weight, height, steps, walking distance, cycling distance, etc.).

  1. We may use the information collected during the process of providing services to you for the following purposes:

(1) to provide you with services;

(2) when we provide our services, for authentication, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup purposes to ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you;

(3) help us to design new services and improve our existing services;

(4) to give us a better understanding of how you access and use our services to respond specifically to your individual needs, such as language settings, location settings, personalized help services and instructions, or to respond to you and other users in other ways ;

(5) to provide you with more relevant ads to replace the general advertising;

(6) to assess and improve the effectiveness of advertising and other promotional and promotional activities in our services;

(7) Software certification or management software upgrade;

(8) Allow you to participate in surveys about our products and services.

In order for you to have a better experience, improve our services, or other uses you agree to, we may use the information collected through one of the Services through information or in a personalized manner for our other services, subject to relevant laws and regulations . For example, the information collected when you use one of our services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or to show you information that is not universally pushed to you.If we provide the appropriate options in the relevant services, you may also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by the Service for our other services.  

  1. We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual other than us, except in the following cases: 

(1) obtain your express consent or authorization in advance;

(2) Provide it in according with applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of legal procedures, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;

(3) To the extent permitted by law and regulation, it is necessary to provide it in order to protect the public interest, property or safety of our products, our affiliates or partners, you or other users or society from harm;

(4) Only by sharing your information can we realize the core functions of our products and / or services or provide the services you need;

(5) at your request for your handling of disputes or disputes with others;

(6) in accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you or other legal documents provided;

(7) Use on the basis of the social and public interests in accordance with laws and regulations.


4.How to protect and protect your personal information together

(1) We attach great importance to the security of personal information and take all reasonable and feasible technical data security Measures to protect your personal information.

 (2) The Internet environment is not 100% secure and we will do our best to ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to us. disclosure, alteration, or destruction of information, resulting in damage to your legitimate rights and interests, we will be liable accordingly.

(3) If you have any questions about the protection of our personal information, you can contact us through the contact details of this website. so that we can take appropriate measures.

  1. Minors use our services

Parents or guardians are encouraged to guide minors under the age of 18 to use our services.Minors are encouraged to encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and to seek parental or guardian \ 's consent and guidance before submitting personal information.

6.The scope of application of the Privacy Policy

(1) All of our services, except certain services, are subject to this Privacy Policy. These specific services will apply to a specific privacy policy. Specific privacy policies for certain services will more specifically describe how we use your information in those services. The privacy policy of this particular service forms part of this Privacy Policy.

(2) Unless otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as the terms defined in the Mobility User Agreement.

(3) Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the following:

  1.information collected through third-party services (including any third-party websites) accessed through our services;

  2. Information collected from other companies or agencies that advertise on our services.

   3. If you are using an Apple device such as an Apple phone or iPad, in order to calculate your motion data, we will receive and send your motion data from Apple Healthkit with your authorization. We \ 'll read your height, weight, and gender data from Healthkit, while your steps, walking distance, activity energy, ride distance, and sleep analysis data generated in this APP will be written to Apple \' s Healthkit.Any data obtained through Healthkit will not be shared or sold to any third-party company, nor will the information we obtain from Healthkit be used for commercial, marketing, and other commercial purposes.


We may revise the terms of this Privacy Policy as a part of this Privacy Policy in due course. If such amendments result in a material reduction in your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by prominently on the Home Page or by otherwise notifying you by prominently on the Home Page prior to the amendment taking effect. In Such cases, if you continue to use our services, you AGREE to be bound by this Privacy Policy Amended.

Contact us:





Your device collects data to estimate various parameters such as the number of steps you take, the distance you have walked, the number of calories burned, your weight, your heart rate, your sleep stages, your activity minutes and your location. The data collected varies depending on the device you are using.



When you access or use the app, we receive certain usage data. These include information about your interactions with the app, when you create or sign in to your account, when you pair your NeSs device with your account, or when you open an app on your NeSs device or when you interact with it.

We also collect data about the devices and computers you use to access your account, including IP addresses, browser type, language, operating system, NeSs device information or the portable device (including app and device identifiers), referring web page, pages visited, location (depending on the permissions you have granted us), and cookie information.



We use your information when necessary to send you notifications about NeSs products and respond to you when you contact us. We also use your information to notify you of new features or products that we believe may be of interest to you. You can control commercial communications and most notifications relating to our services by logging into your account or writing to us at the following address:



We use the information we collect to promote the safety and security of our services, our users, and third parties. For example, we may use this information to authenticate users, facilitate secure payments, protect them from fraud and abuse, respond to a legal request or complaint, conduct audits, and enforce our terms and conditions and policies.

We use cookies and similar technologies for the purposes described above.



We never sell the personal data of our users. We do not share your personal information except in the limited circumstances described above. Your personal data is stored in Switzerland on partner servers based in Switzerland.



We may preserve or disclose information about you to comply with any law, regulation, legal process, or a request by public authorities; to assert legal rights or defend ourselves against legal claims; or to prevent, detect or investigate any illegal activity, fraud, abuse, violation of our terms, or threat to the security of the Services or the physical safety of an individual.


Our policy is to notify you of any legal process that seeks to gain access to your information, such as search warrants, court rulings or subpoenas, unless we are prohibited by law from doing so. In cases where a court order specifies a non-disclosure period, we send a delayed notification after the expiration of the non-disclosure period. Exceptions to our notification policy include emergency or counterproductive situations, such as an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury to a person.

If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or asset sale, we will continue to take measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information, and we will notify affected users before transferring any personal information to a new one. entity.



You have my account and tools to access and control your personal data, as described below, regardless of where you reside. If you reside in certain countries, you may have a number of legal rights with respect to your information, rights which you can exercise through my account and tools, as shown below.

Data access and data export. By logging into my account, you can access most of your personal information. Modification and deletion of data. In my account, you have the possibility to modify and delete your personal information. For example, you can modify or delete the data you provided to create your profile and delete your account if you wish.

If you choose to delete your account, please be aware that although most of your information will be deleted at our partner within 30 days, it may take up to 90 days for all of your information to be deleted, such as data recorded by your NeSs device.



We keep your account information, such as your name, email address and password, for as long as your account exists, because we need it to make it work. Our partners keep other information, such as your exercise or activity data, until you use my account or the tools to delete the data or your account, as we use this data to provide you with your statistics. personal and other aspects of the application. SWISSNESS Horlogère-Uldry (NeSs) does not keep any information about you and your use of our partners' applications. SWISSNESS Horlogère-Uldry (NeSs) keeps your account data for as long as necessary for the legitimate interests of our company, for legal reasons or to prevent harm, as described above.



We work with partners who provide us with analytics and advertising services. This includes helping us understand how users interact with our site, serving ads on our behalf across the Internet, and measuring the performance of those ads. These companies may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your interactions with our website.



If you live in the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom (UK) or Switzerland, please see these additional privacy disclosures under the Union General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") European. 



SWISSNESS Horlogère-Uldry, a Swiss company, is your data manager concerning the data delivered to the site



This information collected is health data or another special category of personal information subject to the GDPR, it is stored by our partners through their application dedicated to our models. (see their privacy policy above)



For personal data subject to GDPR, we rely on several legal bases to process the data, including:

  • When you have given your consent, which you can withdraw at any time using my account
  • When the processing is necessary to perform a contract with you, such as the GTC
  • Our legitimate business interests, such as improving, customizing and expanding our services, marketing new products and features that may be of interest, and promoting safety



In addition to the various controls that we offer, in certain circumstances you can configure in the application of your device whether or not to share certain data. Under GDPR, you have a general right to object to the use of your information for direct marketing purposes. Please note that you can choose to delete your account at any time.

If you need further assistance regarding your rights, please contact our data protection officer at the following address: and we will consider your request in accordance with applicable laws.



We will notify you before making any material changes to this policy and give you the opportunity to review the amended policy before deciding whether you want to continue using our products.



If you have any questions regarding this policy, or if you need to exercise your privacy rights, please contact us at this address:

You can also contact us at:

SWISSNESS Horlogère-Uldry, att. de NeSs, Chemin des Maladières 22, 2022 Bevaix, SWITZERLAND