About us

Swissness Horlogère, owner of the NeSs brand, is a Swiss company established and known in the watch industry since 2012. Listening to the market and the needs of our loyal customers, we realized that it was time to offer our customers digital watches that keep pace and meet the demands of the modern age.

Our smartwatches will motivate you to reach your health goals by tracking your heart values, blood oxygen levels, sleep, weight and athletic performance. In other words, you will be able to monitor your body functions 24/7.

We have worked and managed to find the perfect blend of modern design and superior functionality.

In our offer you will find digital watches that you can wear every day and on all occasions.

In addition to the market and consumers, we have also listened to nature, and that is why we have made watches that will help you stay in touch with it - no matter what the weather is outside. So if you are up for some outdoor activity on a rainy day - go ahead, our digital trackers are waterproof, among other things.

Set goals and track your athletic progress with a new generation of smartwatches.

Walk with nature and inspire others!